Our Beers

West River Weizen - Chinese Microbrewery Beer
North Star IPA - Microbrewery China

People's Pilsner - Microbrewery Beer in China

Hong Mei Amber Hefeweizen - China Brewery

Black Eyed Bear Stout - China Microbrewery in Shanghai

Shanghai Brewery - Brewmeister's Choice

Hand crafted micro-brewed beer

Shanghai Brewery is one of the best microbrewery in China. All of the 6 kinds of fresh hand-crafted, micro-brewed beers are brewed on-site. Shanghai Brewery’s brewing facility is located upstairs and can be visited by the public in China. The 6 regularly featured brews include West River Weizen, People’s Pilsner, North Star IPA (India Pale Ale), Black Eyed Bear Stout, Hong Mei Amber Hefeweizen and Peach Weizen. Our Brewmeister’s Choice varies and is currently a Porter beer, which was especially brewed for the cold winter months. All of the beer recipes were created and are brewed by our award-winning American Brewmaster Geoff Engel and Joshua Deitner.

Our beer is served directly from our brewery “bright” tank, so our brew is fresh and free from chemical preservatives. Shanghai Brewery beer does not contain a high percentage of rice (or any rice at all), like Budweiser and other mass produced lagers. Thus, our beer is more natural and healthy than commerical bottled beer. Shanghai Brewery makes and serves beer the all-natural way, for the microbrewery loving masses in China.

High Quality Microbrewery Ingredients in China

We believe in using the highest quality ingredients available, which includes importing many of the items that are not available in China. Our main microbrewery beers follow the “Reinheitsgebot” (also known as the Bavarian purity law), which was updated in 1988 to also allow the production of wheat/ weizen beers and which now permits yeast as an ingredient to produce beer. Thus, Shanghai Brewery produces some of the best beers of any microbrewery in China.